On board for Christmas

Sean drew the short straw with his rota this year and ended up being away for both Christmas and New year. Which meant I either stay at home with the kids or join him on the boat.

No mess, No leftovers

Since the boat would be tied up in Aberdeen for 2 days over Christmas I decided to tag along and bring my mum, dad and two brothers too. For support of course! The company allows him to do this. Which I think is a pretty good perk! No stress no Christmas dinner prep, no mess! However the down side meant no leftovers and I had to cart all the kids presents through in the car. As Santa the good man that he is would come to the boat!

The kids throughly enjoyed the mini break. As it was single bed cabins Ivy shared a cabin with my dad, and Gracie with my mum. Malachy was in a crib in Sean and I cabin. Malachy was a nightmare, the age he’s at just now is just so frustrating. Christmas Eve he cried the whole night. I suppose the strange bed and New surroundings threw him off a bit. So when the girls knocked on the door at 7am shouting has Santa been seems like I’d only slept for about 5minutes.

I can’t function without sleep, so often when seans away I’m in bed by 8.30 ready for what the next day will bring with a good sleep behind me!

The Next Sale

So anyways it was a lovely few days away. Boxing Day arrived I had to jump at the chance of going along to the Next sale as we stay 50miles from our closest next store. So that day at 5.30 I brought my mum along as she’s never endured the sale at that time in the morning before. I gave her a prep talk her in the 2 mile long queue as we awaited the doors to open at 6! Don’t stick together, just dive right in there, grab every-size, even if your not sure just bag it anyways, you can return it all, go for the most expensive items first! Boots, coats etc. As I informed her I could hear the couple behind me doing the same! She was prepping her husband/boyfriend/partner on the next size the kids would require to go for that! Which I’m sure he would never remember as there was about 4 kids she rattled off! Anyways we got a good haul! Mother seemed to be pleased with her buys!

Headed home that day to unload the car into the middle of my living room where the chaos of Christmas began all over again.

Love Christmas chaos!