Bye Bye ‘Baby weight’


Well I say baby weight, the baby in question is 18 months old already so really I have no excuse to still be carrying around these extra pounds. But hey ho I am so it’s now time to shift them.

YO YO dieter

In the past I have tried various diets. Most recent was the Cambridge weight plan.         Did it work I hear you saying? Yes it did it pretty much consisted of shakes, bars and substitute meal substitutes. I lost around 10lb in about 3 weeks! To be honest I was starving and I only did it as we was going on holiday and needed to fit into some of my holiday clothes. Good for a  quick fix however over the summer I soon piled it back on plus more.

Slimming world

I have been a member of Slimming world in the past and lost weight slower and gradually. It completely changes the way I now think about food. It helps to get a balanced diet and educated me to look at food differently. Its a diet where you can eat anything, no weighing food and u can eat chocolate! In moderation that is. The weight did stay off after that diet…until I had baby no 3.

New Year, New Me

So today it’s a new year new me time! Stood on the scales this morning and I am now around the weight I was when I was carrying Malachy (no3) at full term! So it’s time I give myself a shake!! not a Cambrige one tho!! Literally.

This is a big year for me! I’m turning 30 in 12 weeks! So I want to be a stone less at least by then!! I find it difficult to get out and exercise with the kids around or trying to attend any classes due to babysitters etc so I struggle to get any sort of exercise. Apart from the daily exercise that consists of running after 3 kids. Does that really count?

I said yes!!

I have longed to be a bridesmaid my whole life! Always the bride never the bridesmaid I suppose, I’ve only been married once btw, and its till death us do part. I’ve always been hopefuly waiting for one of my brothers to get married and they would have me of course their only sister to be bridesmaid. I mean why not! However they don’t even have girlfriends so I could be waiting a while. So all my hopes were nearly diminished… So when my friend Emma asked me last year I was over joyed as you can imagine! I couldn’t believe it! I’m so excited for their wedding! And the lucky groom to be is my cousin!

I’ve been asked by my good friend Emma to be her bridesmaid in September! So this gives me the boot up the bum to get going and stop eating!! I will not be a fat bridesmaid!! That is my goal.


Healthy mum food

So I’ve decided I’m not going on a ‘diet’ this time I’m just healthy eating myself thin. I love fruit and veg so it should be a walk in the park right? Meal planning is the way ahead!

Follow me in my journey in my blog. I’ll do a weigh in every Monday to keep you all up to date.

Today’s menu consisted of



yellow split pea soup, low fat yoghurt and an apple


5%fat steak mince, chilli con carne spice mix, kidney beans and pasta. Easy peasy! With a sprinkle of cheese on top.

All these meals are considered free on the Slimming world plan.

In between meals for snacks I had cups of tea/coffee or fruit.

Well done me! No selections boxes consumed today! Very proud of myself!