Slow cooked pork-Coca Cola style

Slow cooked pork- Coca cola style

So the Recipe I am using today originally comes from the Slimming world Website click here to view it.

I swapped pork steaks instead of chicken and Diet Pepsi instead of Cola. You can also use Diet Iron Brew it makes it taste like sweet and sour! I didn’t have any passata in the house so I just added a small amount of tinned chopped tomatoes and reduced the amount of stock I used, a bit of improvisation goes a long way.

My mum often makes it with pork joint and the result-pulled pork. Thats where my inspiration came from today after the smell wafted around my nose when I was in her house yesterday. She places the whole joint in the middle of the table and everyone just dives in. Usually with some slimming world chips as a side. Delicious! I will boil some rice later and have that on the side.

Pretty much throw everything into the slow cooker and let it do its thing. The smell in the house is amazing.