Lidl Food Haul

Our weekly shop has came round so quickly again. Beforehand I usually write out a list of the meals for the week ahead and a separate list of food. Otherwise I go in and head strait for the middle aisle and come out with a tent and a machine that takes dry skin off your feet instead of any actual meals. We’ve also found when we’ve started doing this (lists) weve been saving a lot of money, not so much popping in and out of shops mid week, and you only buy what’s on the list. Simple right?! Should be. But who said the weekly shop was simple..

Today’s shop of choice was Lidl. I love Lidl! To begin with when Lidl’s first came to our streets, I was a bit dubious and wasn’t keen on the brands that I hadn’t seen or tried before. However it’s now my first choice for a food shop. You save a fortune! I’ll admit though sometimes I head to Tesco afterwords for particular things that they don’t stock.

Grabbed a trolley and in I went 9.30am so was nice and quiet. Malachy was the child of choice today as the girls were at school and nursery.

The fruit and veg in Lidl’s is so fresh and great quality. I love their animal marketing scheme that’s going on just now with the veggies.

Unicorn carrots! Now who can resist unicorn carrots? When I’ve got the girls with me and they see these they go wild. I first thought ok here we go they will never eat these. But they do!! Every time! So why can’t other foods not have unicorns on them. crocodile mini cucumbers are also another great buy!

I couldn’t pass buy the flower stand without buying a bunch. To me, from me xx. They weren’t on the list but the house is a bit bare after Christmas. They have started stocking daffodils already! Come on Christmas was just a week ago and we’re getting organised for Easter? Big bargains to be had on all those Christmas foods, chocolate and some of the dates go on into next year!

Another love of mine is the dairy section. My kids love to snack, snack snack all day long, so knowing what healthy snacks to give them can be difficult when you run out of ideas. These yoghurts are yummy and very cheap at 75p per pack, packs of small raisins 75p (pack of 12) and blueberries go down a treat too!

Lidl’s has now increased their range of spices and baking ingredients which is great as that’s what I would usually nip to Tesco it ASDA for.

I now only buy Lidl’s nappy’s and wipes. Kids have had no problems with blisters or leaking like I’ve seen in other brands would highly recommend them!

Someone recently recommended me to buy pure coconut oil to help with Malachys skin. Malachy is constantly itching, we’ve tried everything nothing seems to work. He hasn’t any allergies or asthma so I’m going to give this coconut oil a chance. If it doesn’t work at least he will smell lovely.

This year in our house we are trying to save more money than usual so saving that little extra on the food shop can help. So no more shopping down the middle aisle for me! But it’s a different story when Sean wants something or just a quick look down the middle aisle….Sean step away from the power drill you don’t need it, and it’s not on the list!!

So in total I got all this lot for £75.64.

That should do us for the week.

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