The Mummy Club

What is Club Mummy I hear you say…I stumbled across her page on Instagram and was intrigued and went on to read her website..



I love this saying she quotes ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ I for one am an example of this as I have my mum, and both granny’s  and aunties living around me. Who all have input in my children’s life and help me raise them on a day to day basis. However not everyone is blessed to stay so close to family or friends even. The world can be a lonely place and with no one to talk to it can become even lonelier. No one ever talks about their failings or down times, but when they do we realise were all the same, were not robots, we all struggle! Its good to laugh at our failures rather than dwell in them.
Christie a mum of two girls is founder of the mummy club after having her girls struggled with post natal depression and anxiety. After having kids were expected to know what to do right? We don’t we just struggle on and wing at parenting. Post natal depression is common for new mums or becoming a mum for the second or third time. I personally struggled with postnatal depression after Gracie and it is a lonely place, you may be surrounded by lots of friends and family however inside your head its a very lonely. The voice inside telling you your not a good mum, and constant comparing yourself to others. Its not until you speak out to others your discover your not alone feeling like this.

The Mummy Club was born… as Christie wanted to put a smile on other mums faces. By filling this box of goodies to make you smile after you’ve had a bad day. The boxes can be on subscription for £18 or a one off gift for yourself of fellow mum.  This box diffidently put a smile on my face when I opened it.
The mummy club website has a bloggers showcase which is packed full of different bloggers take on life, like mum problems to mental health issues. Great place to visit when you are feeling low. From every box £1 is donated to PANDAS foundation. Which is a great organisation which helps people struggling with pre and post natal depression.

When this pink box arrived on my doorstep I was so excited to open it, when I did the smell bounced out at me. What was this amazing smell that reminded me of being on a spa day…It was this little candle inside a tin by Help me organics a smell of Frankincense , Geranium, bourbon and lavender…smells amazing! They included a 10% discount voucher. These candles are organic, vegan and cruelty free. I will defiantly be purchasing one of these! If you want to go on a pretend spa day buy one of these ‘help me have a mindful of calm’ candle.

The next thing that caught my eye was the book. I recognised the faces on the cover strait away. I follow the Scummy Mummies on Instagram. They talk pure honesty on mother hood. They always make me laugh and laughing at our faults and failures makes us realise we’ve all done it at some point…been a scummy mummy. The first few pages of this book made me laugh out loud, defiantly worth a read.

The bath bomb is amazing again smelling of Lavender…this girl really knows how to treat a woman. This box is like a spa in a box! The only thing missing is a little lady to do the massage! If anyone knows me they know I love a bath, but getting the time or the energy these days is a struggle. Usually by the time I get the kids to bed I’m so tired I fall into my own bed and don’t have time to even run the bath. So when I saw this bath bomb it instantly put a smile on my face.Sabao bath bomb is very luxurious and contain exotic essential oils from around the world- and chosen to promote wellness and well being is from their aromatherapy collection.


The last item in the box was this beautifully wrapped in brown paper and tied with a bow. Its food I thought, when I pealed back the paper my mouth watering and my daughter Gracie and husband slyly watching me…this  adorable chocolate covered love heart flap jack from Just flap jack. I must admit flap jacks aren’t the first thing I would pick up from the sweet/biscuit isle I would far rather go for a cream egg or a galaxy…however when I tasted this flap jack it was truly delicious! It was huge bigger than a normal biscuit so it was a win win situation! I had to stop myself eating it all so gave half to Gracie and she demolished it. I read the ingredients label, all natural products no ‘EEs’ which is a tick in my box!! I even checked under the tissue paper in the box to see if there was another!

This box really is a treat and well worth the money! This box has reminded to always take time out and have some self care. Us mums need down time when the kids go to bed and this box is the perfect treat!! As we go through our busy life’s its important I feel to self medicate with love and take care of our minds and body’s. Positive thoughts and actions have a positive impact on our behaviours. Lets talk more about or failings and laugh at them, as when you do you realise others will open up to and you are not alone.

One thing that seemed to be missing was the massage lady with the free gown and slippers…


Thanks so much Christie for sending me this box to review. Its been a real treat! Keep up the good work!!

Go check out her page for yourself and treat yourself or another woman who deserves it.

The Mummy Club Website


Mila & Pheebs -review

The background

Alexis like myself has a love for little ‘knick knacks’ and all things stationary! Like my girls, she was always making things from left over materials and very crafty minded as a child. Alexis really is the stationary queen…and her choice for each box shows this off beautifully! Every item in the box is carelfully selected, and it doesn’t disappoint. Her daughters are her judge and guide and if it doesn’t excite them it doesn’t go in!

This is a great little family business with help inputted from every member- mummy Alexis scores the internet for such beautiful little stationary and cute items to put in each box. Along with her husband Pete who is the designer behind the scenes, he makes up the designs for all the activities inside the box. The georgous twins Milena and Phoebe help mummy by sticking all the stickers on the box! Such great team work!! Their beautiful names is obviously inspiration for the name of this special business.

You can subscribe to the boxes on a monthly basis or simply buy a one off box, various themes are available on the website! Great ideas for birthdays- as this is where Alexis business first began.

First impressions:

When I first received this box this slim line box came through my letter box… to be honest my first Impression was there can’t be much in there due to the width of the box-however all was soon reveled when I opened it up. This slim lined box is decorated with bright stickers very eye catching.

Age related?

These boxes are aimed at ages 4+ and I would totally agree. My girls are ages 4 and 5 and they loved it, Gracie especially found It very exciting going through the box, finding all the surprises. The crafts and activities are great and based well according to that age group.

What’s inside-

This months edition is all about Garden pals… this was the list of items inside the box.

The girls thoughts?

Gracie jumped in as she loves all things stickers. We had great fun making the bumble bee badge, she found it easily enough to follow the instructions and do it by herself.

Ivy is a little more delicate in her crafting than Gracie and she loved doing the lady bird sewing kit. It was two great things to include in the box as my girls are very different and they loved these tasks.

Another great item was the garden pals dotty art. I actually took these with me to church on Sunday as it was something different for them to do. Again this was a hit with the girls as they sat for ages choosing different stickers for their picture. I must add, the quantity of stickers is very well thought out too!

As I said earlier my girls love all things craft- so when it came to making Mother’s Day cards we grabbed our box again and inside there was two cards with envelops also a bag of various foam stickers. The girls sat for ages designing their cards and they loved the fact there was envelopes to post them with too!

I especially loved the news letter it was bright and colourful with lots of facts about animals, jokes and ideas! It’s so eye catching and a great feature of the box!

We haven’t used the activity sheets yet but they are great sizes and printed on strong card to take away with you on a day out. Great to pull out in a restaurant while waiting for your meal to keep the kids entertained. The pencil and eraser didn’t last long in the box before it disappeared into Ivy’s pencil case.


I believe that there has been lots of thought and time gone into the contents of this box. Every item is related to its chosen theme. I love how these boxes have various crafts inside for example the sewing kit to the activity sheets.

The items inside are good quality and very eye catching to the buyer! I love how it’s all wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker, so neatly packed inside and so exciting for the child opening it. Although my first impression I thought it looked small, after opening the box I was proved wrong and this little box is full of unique little surprises. Every item linked to another and guaranteed to keep your child busy for hours, independently or with help. I would have to agree with the price too as myself as a mother has scored the internet and stores for stationary and they can be very expensive to purchase. So this product is very much worth the money of (£10) per month.

I would and have recommended these boxes to my friends. If I was planning a long flight I would defiantly consider buying these to take on the plane. So compact yet full of goodies.

To find out more about the products check out their website and Instagram page.

To subscribe or browse their great products click here. 

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a free sample of the product in return for my honest review in my blog. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased, not influenced by the company and any links used in this review are not affiliate.