For those of you who don’t know me I’m April. I am happily married to my husband Sean we’ve been married for nearly 7 years! We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children…Ivy age 5, Gracie age 3 and Malachy age 18months. We live in a small picturesque village called Gardenstown in the north east of Scotland.

I trained as a nurse about 10 years ago and been practicing on and off between having babies, but reluctantly gave up my permanent part time job after Malachy was born to concentrate on bringing up the brood, as I felt asking any grandparent to look after 3 kids is a big ask! I still work the odd agency shift to keep up my registration from time to time. I loved my job as a community nurse so found it hard giving it up. Sometimes I liked just being ‘April’ at work instead of being ‘mum’ all the time (also getting lunch and tea breaks in peace is great without someone stealing a bite of my sandwich or wanting a toilet break when I’ve just sat down to eat)
Family life
We are a well grounded family I would say. Sean works as a Captain on board the North Link Ferry from Aberdeen to Shetland so he leaves me with the brood for 2 weeks That’s when the fun really begins! When he comes home after his trip I can be seen running for the hills…alone! In Seans spare time he has a small boat that he goes out fishing for crab lobster and mackerel during the summer months. We are very close with our parents and extended family’s and they play a big part in our life’s. Both of us was brought up in Christian homes which leads me to my next chapter.
We are a Christian family and we aim to bring our family up in a Christian and loving home and guiding them towards God as we were. We attend the Assembly of God church at Fraserburgh It’s a great church full of people buzzing for God! If you think church is boring or stiff, you should go there and it will categorically change your minds! Like most families at times we struggle with our Christian life’s as there is many stumbling blocks that come our way that test us. We are not perfect and don’t try to be. I believe every hurdle is out there to test our faith. I pray about everything and try not to worry too much as God is always in control of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my faith in God. God is the centre of our home! Amen Sister!

My Blog
I’ve decided to start a blog about my brood as we go through life together, having 3 kids life is very hectic at times. On my blog you will find a mix of everything from my brood stories, weight loss, wife stuff, family, baking, interiors, crafting and lifestyle. A mix of everything and the highs and lows of life. I will be as honest as possible in my blog to share the reality of life with my brood. Hope you enjoy!
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